So I decided to create an Etsy Shop just to see how many quilters go there to look for longarm services.  What I like about Etsy is it gives me a way to advertise nationwide with very little up front expense.  That helps me keep my pricing reasonable.  Basically, I only pay when someone buys something.
If you choose to hire me through Etsy you will first have to purchase my Order Form as a PDF download for $1.00.  Etsy makes you purchase something to get the process started so I chose to simply sell my Order Form (you can also just download the Order Form from this website or send me an email using the Contact page and I will email you an Order Form). Some Etsy quilting shops make you purchase a deposit or pay for the quilting up front.  I would rather talk to you and see your quilt in order to be able to give you an accurate cost.  If you hire me to do your quilt I will refund you the dollar for the Order Form on the final invoice.  So, once you download the Order Form from Etsy and send it to me with your quilt top I will work with you on what all is needed and help you make any decisions about thread color or patterns.  Once the quilt is finished I will send you a new Custom Listing (consider it an invoice) with a picture of the finished quilt that details all the costs through Etsy.  Once that Custom Listing is purchased (paid) through Etsy I will send you the quilt in a nice plastic zippered blanket bag placed in an appropriate sized box.  
The bottom line is that Etsy gives me one more way for customers to find me. So feel free to hire me through Etsy if you so desire.  The pricing is exactly the same and the same Special Offers still apply.  You can access my Etsy Shop by clicking on the E icon above.
Happy Quilting!
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