Every now and then I get asked how I like my Gammill Statler Longarm machines (I now have two of them).  I will say that I considered several different machines and there are no doubt several good ones out there.  I wanted a machine with a proven record of long term reliability.  A workhorse industrial type machine.  I also wanted something that could be computer driven and robotic.  It will certainly do hand guided stitching but the computer software is awesome.  I wanted to be able to work on anything up to 120 inches wide.  I also wanted really good technical support and service if needed.  A Gammill Statler checked all the boxes for me.  I am very happy with my decision.  So much so that in 2021 I decided to buy a second machine.  Since owning these machines I have come to realize that there is an entire family of Gammill owners across America that will help you in an instant if you are having a problem with software, mechanical issues, or anything to do with quilting.  I have been told that Missouri Star has at least 16 Gammill Statler Machines.  I figure there is a good reason for that.
Happy Quilting!

My two Gammill Statler Longarm Machines resting after a long day

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