"My Happy Place"​​​​​​​

Below is a picture of what I call my "Happy Place".  I have spent a lot of time, effort, and investment in this endeavor.  I spent over 30 years working in the corporate world as an information technology software programmer and manager.  That career has helped me finance what I really love to do.  I love going to my "Happy Place" and working on all kinds of creative projects.  If I am not working on a customer's longarm quilting project I will probably be doing some custom embroidery or monogramming.  I have a separate website dedicated to embroidery work.  You can get to that website by clicking on this link:  embroiderybysherrie.com
I would like to say that I take great pride in my work.  As a software programmer and manager, I learned that computer systems do not work unless things are coded just right.  Also, working with people requires excellent communication.  It's the same with sewing for a customer whether it is finishing a quilt or monogramming a hat.  The sewing machines have to be loaded and programmed correctly to get the finished product right, and the customer needs input and good communication.  Whether I am working on a customer order, something for myself, or for a friend, I always strive to make what people will love.  That is truly why I decided to name this business Heirloom Longarm Quilting.  I love making things that just might become a family heirloom.
Stay Happy!
My Happy Place!
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