I mount all 3 layers (top, batting, & backing) on the Gammill Statler quilting machine separately one on top of the other.  Do not stitch, pin, or baste them together.  The batting and backing should measure at least 8 inches longer and wider than your quilt top (that means 4 inches wider on each side of the quilt top).  Please ensure that your quilt top and backing fabric are both square.  The backing fabric goes on the quilting machine first and becomes the base line so it needs to be just as square as the quilt top.  If the top and backing fabric are not square it could pucker during the quilting process.  I do my best to prevent that from happening.  Please stay-stitch 1/4 inch from the edge of your quilt top only all the way around in order to prevent the seams from fraying and pulling apart (optional depending on fabric).  Identify your quilt top with a safety pin and a note attached. Press all seams open or to one side.  If I have to press the quilt top or backing there may be an additional charge (see pricing page).  If you piece your backing material together use a 1/2 inch seam and press it open.  Please make certain your quilt top is trimmed down to the final size.  I will not trim your quilt top unless I see a problem and then we will first need to discuss the solution.  I only trim the backing and batting up to the edge of the quilt top once the quilting process is finished, unless you instruct me not to trim.  All of the remaining backing fabric that is trimmed off will be returned to you. Quilt top and back cannot have any buttons, sequins, or beads attached that the needle could puncture or the sewing foot might snag.  These can cause damage to my machine.  Trim all loose threads from entire quilt top and backing fabric.  For more details I have written a Blog Post on this subject.  You can access it by clicking on the red button below.
Call me at 254-292-3379 if you have any questions about quilting techniques.
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