When I first started shipping quilt packages back to clients I would just box up the quilt and take it to the counter at either the Post Office or the UPS Store.  It amazed me at how the prices between the two could differ quite a bit and how expensive it was becoming.  I started looking at what it takes to lower my return shipping costs so I could pass the savings on to my clients.  I make no money on shipping as I simply charge the actual shipping cost.  Anytime you see an advertisement for a product that says "Free Shipping" that usually means the shipping cost is baked into the product cost.  Occasionally, I offer free shipping as a special offer promotion, but I do not increase my pricing to cover that cost.  It is truly a free shipping promotion.
So I got to thinking about how many of my clients simply walk into the Post Office like I did and pay their retail price to ship me a quilt.  Not only do you not have to pay retail, you can also speed up the process at the counter.  I did two things that have made my shipping life easier and is saving my clients money.
1.  I bought my own digital postal scale to weigh the packages.
2.  I signed up for a free PirateShip.com subscription.
Now all I have to do is weigh and measure my package.  Input that information into PirateShip.com along with the name and address where it is going.  I get the discounted rate from both the Post Office and UPS.  I print out the label for the one I want to use on plain paper.  I tape the label to the package with clear packing tape.  I then take the package to the Post Office or UPS Store.  They scan the label and give me a receipt.  That is all there is to it.  I have already paid for the shipping and the label is attached, so the time spent at the shipper is very short.  I like that.
Here is the postal scale that I purchased on Amazon and I can tell you that the one I got is dead on accurate.  The Post Office and UPS scale are typically within 1 ounce of the weight I get, and that is not enough to change the cost.
I like this scale because it has a separate module for reading out the weight.  That way if you put a fairly large box on the scale you can still easily see the read out.  It also gives you the read out in several different options. 
Here is the link to sign up for PirateShip.com:  https://www.pirateship.com
There are many different postal scales to choose from and several different discount shipping websites.  I have no affiliation with any of them.  I am simply showing you what I have been using to save money on shipping.  I can typically save 25% or more doing it this way and I pass that saving on to my clients.  If you ship items fairly often you can also save significant money doing it this way.  It also works for large envelopes.
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