My sewing shop is located in Lorena, Texas near Waco.  If you want to drop off a quilt locally please call or text me at 254-292-3379 for detailed directions.  My mailing address is listed on the Order Form.  I accept orders by mail from anywhere in the USA.  My typical turn around time is two to three weeks and I will inform you up front if that is not possible.  Below are the standard services I offer.  I believe in keeping things as simple as possible.  I also strive to deliver the highest quality workmanship utilizing the best equipment available at a very reasonable price.  I am a one person shop with low overhead and I can therefore offer you the same quality as the big name quilters and possibly turn it around faster.  My shop is clean and smoke free.  I sincerely hope you will consider giving me the opportunity to provide your quilting service.  Call or text me at 254-292-3379 or email me using the Contact page.  
I will be more than happy to discuss your quilting needs with you.
Edge To Edge Longarm Quilting
(for quilts larger than 2500 square inches)
Same design over entire quilt 
Maximum quilt width is 120 inches
Standard Quilting Charge - 2.0 cents per square inch
If quilt is 70" X 70" that is 4900 square inches
4900 X .02 = $98.00 Total Quilting Cost
Includes Omni by Superior Thread at no extra cost.  My Standard Patterns are also always included free of charge.
NOTE: Certain "Complex Patterns" have a quilting fee of 2.5 cents per square inch.  See my pattern page for details here:
 Click here to view all patterns:
Click here to see thread colors:

Minimum Quilting Charge is $50.00 
(for quilts less than 2500 square inches
 with a standard pattern)

Minimum Quilt Charge
 (with a complex pattern is $62.50)
There is a $10.00 pattern charge if I do not already have the digital pattern you select for a minimum charge quilt.  I will let you know prior to quilting if I do not have the pattern you select.  I do have all the patterns shown on my Quilt Pattern Page.
Machine Binding & Binding Prep
If requested, I will prepare and apply the binding by machine on both sides.  You will need to provide a minimum of 1 yard of binding fabric (NOTE: I do not do machine binding using minky fabric).  I will return any unused fabric.  Price includes cutting and preparing binding before applying it to the quilt.
Binding Charge - 25 cents per linear inch                       
If your quilt is 70"X 70" that is 280 inches of binding
280 X .25 = $70.00 Total Binding Cost

Custom Borders
I can provide single or multiple custom border patterns to accent the edge-to-edge quilting pattern of the interior part of your quilt. This is typically considered a semi-custom quilt service.  If you are interested in a custom border for your quilt just let me know (in the Special Instructions box on your order form) and I will contact you to discuss the specifics.
Custom Border Cost - add $30 per Border
(a single border includes all 4 sides)

Click here for more info:

Full Custom Quilting
Please contact me directly for pricing and inquiries concerning full custom quilting.  My ability to work in full custom orders is dependent on my current backlog of customer quilts.  So I accept full custom orders by appointment only.  Prices for full custom quilting are variable depending on the complexity. 
I can provide batting or will utilize what you provide.  It needs to be 8 inches longer and wider than your quilt top.
I can provide 3 types of Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 Batting. They are natural (cream), bleached (white), or black colored batting.  I can also provide Hobbs 100% polyester and 100% cotton both in bleached (white) color.  What I have comes on a large roll that I buy direct from the manufacturer.  I can typically provide batting for less than you can purchase it retail.
All Batting = 25 cents per linear inch off a large roll
(if provided by me)     

Backing Fabric
The Edge-To-Edge Quilting prices listed are based on you providing a backing fabric.  Backing fabric must be at least 8 inches wider and longer than the quilt top (that's 4 inches larger on all four sides).  If you want me to provide a backing fabric we will need to discuss your options and pricing.  I also need to know if you want me to trim the backing fabric after the quilting is done.  There is no charge for trimming the backing fabric.  Some people prefer to do that themselves.

Other Costs - If Required
My pricing is based on receiving a quilt that is ready to go on the longarm machine and be quilted.  Make sure you read the Prep Your Quilt instructions page.  I understand that sometimes things can get overlooked and require some additional work.  My charge for additional preparation work is $30 per hour, billed in 30 minute increments (in other words $15.00 per 30 minutes).  Some items that might require this additional fee are:
1.  Sewing backing fabric together
2.  Pressing quilt so it can be quilted
3.  Trimming multiple loose threads
4.  Adding leader fabric to backing if not at least 8 inches longer and wider than
      quilt top already
5.  Squaring of quilt
6.  Centering or pattern matching backing fabric
7.  Shipping to you:  Please see my page on shipping/delivery.
Most quilts do not require these services but when they do it can become time consuming.  I will always contact you prior to doing this type work and will fully explain the reasons it would be required. 
                                             Embroidered Quilt Labels
I also can make and apply embroidered labels for your quilt.  This really adds a personal touch.  I make two types of standard embroidered labels.  You can see all the details about the labels and how to order them on my Quilt Labels Order Form.  I charge $15 to make an embroidered quilt label and I can attach it to your quilt for an additional $10, or you can attach it when you receive the quilt and label back from me.  Click on this button to go to the Quilt Label Order Form.
Payment Options
In order to keep things simple and make my bookkeeping as smooth as possible I send each customer a detailed PayPal invoice.  You can pay that invoice by using a major credit card (you do not need a PayPal account to use a credit card), by using your own PayPal account, or you can even pay it with cash.  I do not accept checks.  I choose to send the invoice mainly for my own record keeping.  I do collect State of Texas Sales Tax which happens to be 6.75% since I am not located within a city limit.  
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