1.  Quilt top with note pinned denoting quilt top with arrow denoting which way is up (if that matters)
2.  Backing fabric (unless you want me to provide) with note pinned denoting side you want to see.  Backing fabric should be at least 8 inches longer and wider (4 inches all the way around) than the final quilt top size.  If it is not I will have to sew on a leader for an additional cost.  This is important since the quilt cannot be loaded on the machine properly without having a large enough backing fabric.
3.  If machine binding is required, send at least 1 yard of binding fabric. Unused portion will be returned.
4.  Batting (if you prefer to provide).  Batting should be at least 8 inches longer and wider (4 inches all the way around) than the final quilt size.
Place all items in a good plastic bag before placing in the shipping box.  I will let you know as soon as I receive your quilt and will contact you to go over everything.   
Please make sure to enclose a copy of your order form. 
Ship To:
Sherrie Chapman
605 Rancho Pacifico
Lorena, TX 76655​​​​​​​
If you ship UPS they will want my phone number and email address.
Phone:  254-292-3379    Email:​​​​​​​
Once your quilt is completed I will contact you to let you know.  Your quilt will be folded and placed inside a clear plastic zippered storage bag made for blankets and boxed to ship to the address on your order form.  I typically ship smaller/lighter packages using the Post Office Priority Mail.  I ship larger/heavier packages using UPS Ground.  I have found the Post Office to be a day or two faster but also much more expensive on larger/heavier packages.  I will send you the tracking number once shipped. Shipping costs can vary depending on distance, size of box required, and weight.  I will only charge you the actual shipping cost and will include that on your final invoice.  I use to print USPS and UPS labels which saves around 25% on shipping costs and I pass that savings on to you.
A WORD ABOUT FREE SHIPPING:  There really is no such thing as free shipping.  If someone advertises free shipping they are covering the cost in their product price and you may in reality be paying more than the actual shipping price.  I prefer to simply charge the actual shipping price using to create the USPS or UPS shipping labels.  This ensures you are getting the cheapest rate for reasonably fast delivery with tracking. 
Your beautiful finished quilt will be delivered in a nice plastic zippered blanket bag as pictured here.
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